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merry christmas: ho ho ho. high aidpagers. not here to cry or whine. of course,i no longer have a reason

totally stressed started this conversation
ho ho ho. high aidpagers. not here to cry or whine. of course,i no longer have a reason to. that is why I haven't been here much. all I can do these days? is say hi,to my friends here. so I don't wish to conjest things on the page with trivial hi's,and whats ups. right? people needing the wisdom and knowledge of others here should have their space as well. since I never have any good information? i'll save my humor for friends who know me and wish to conversate. lot's of newcomers as always. at least positive thoughts,Inspiration and Schmidty are still regulars. with their insight and information. my 1110.00 a month I've been receiving for the last 3 months? i'm not doing really well[never was],yet i'm comfortable and at ease. I always said i'd change my handle here if my financial problems ever ceased. but due to that terrible thing called a TBI? i'll never get away from being TOTALLY STRESSED. at least I was able to get a NEW laptop,and get roadrunner and cable again. and can pay my bills. AND. am not on public assistance any longer[thank the lord,that my house is paid off]. so life may not be sweet as roses. the aroma here as of late is much,much better now thou. and what I really came to say[I always have too,too]is please everyone. have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. and as always stay safe and secure in your journeys. i'm me. ozzie? well he's ozzie. he says a big OW. and i'm sayin C-ya.

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positive thoughts
Merry Christmas to you my friend!
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